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Homeridge Park (Santa Clara)

WOW!! The Playground Renovation of the Year award 🏆 for sure goes to the planners who came up with the design for this formerly run-down park turned absolute gem! We were enthralled from the first moment — the kids had a blast, and if it weren’t for the blazing sun, we might have stayed another hour! Huge thanks to the reader (sadly, I can’t remember who it was!) who let me know about this renovation.

You can find my video of the park on Instagram or Facebook

Here are the details:

☀️Homeridge Park is tucked in a quiet neighborhood near the intersection of Homestead/Kiely, bordered by Saratoga Creek (currently dry) -- here's a map to get you there.

☀️The park has an adorable forest theme for the main (big kid) structure and peripherals — lots of “wood” and “rock” features (the hollow tree that you climb up to access the high slide is awesome!), woodland creature carvings, and even a cool feature on the underside of the play structure that makes animal noises and shares facts.

☀️The big structure also features a roller slide, rope bridge, and spinning “monkey bars” -- all three were hits with my kids.

☀️There are suuuuuper cool hills for kids to explore in the middle of the playground -- I haven't seen any other playground with this exact feature.

☀️Aside from the two play structures (rated for ages 2-5 and 5-12), there are merry go-rounds (two types!), swings (including parent/baby swings), sandbox with sand table — even a ping pong table (bring your own paddles/ball)!

☀️Restrooms, a water fountain (with water bottle filler), shady benches, a hand sanitizer dispenser, and a few picnic tables/grills are located close to playground.

☀️There is a small parking lot, plus plenty of street parking.

☀️The lawn and flowers around the playground are beautifully maintained, and the large park area beyond the playground -- huge lawn, picnic tables, walking paths -- appears to be equally nice (we didn't explore outside of the playground itself).
The only negative I can come up with for this awesome park: almost NO shade on the playground midday, and things got HOT. The kids couldn’t even sit on the big spinning thing, which was a bummer. I highly recommend morning/evening visits in the summer.

Overall, it was AWESOME! Highly recommend checking this one out.