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Welcome to the heart of the Silicon Valley Toddler blog -- the Outings and Adventures page! Next time you find yourself with a free day and a young child eager to learn and experience, check out these posts for a slew of fun ideas. Note that these are just the activities that we've tried and reviewed -- we've enjoyed dozens and dozens of other toddler adventures, and reviews are on the horizon.

Happy toddling!

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The Big Lists

Outdoor Adventures

Indoor Adventures

This page is a work in progress -- we've enjoyed dozens and dozens of other great adventures in the Bay Area, but I don't have reviews for everything yet. Links to our other outing and adventure pages are on the horizon! Check back soon for updates!


  1. I think that I found a typo. Isn't Magic Mountain Playground in San Mateo, not Fremont?

  2. Looking for the rainy day list - doesn't seem to be around anymore! Thanks!

  3. I was looking for something to do this rainy weekend with my kids and found a broken link. 101 rainy day activities link is broken!


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