Tuesday, October 10, 2017

The 2017 SV Toddler Fall Planner

When it comes to getting seasonal planners published in a timely manner, I pretty much always get an "A" for effort (and ambition!) and something around a C- for execution. Nevertheless, the Silicon Valley Toddler Fall Planner is finally here -- albeit, several weeks late and pretty bare bones at the moment (though I'll be beefing it up every day as I have time).

Enjoy the season!

P.S. This post contains Amazon affiliate links to some of our Halloween favorites (including Toddler X's giraffe costume from two years ago, pictured above). 😊

      Saturday, October 28th
      Sunday, October 29th
      Tuesday, October 31st
      Saturday, November 4th

      Saturday, November 11th
      Saturday, November 18th
      Past Events

      Wednesday, October 11th

      Thursday, October 12th

      Friday, October 13th
      Saturday, October 14th
      Sunday, October 15th

      Friday, October 20th
      Saturday, October 21st

      Sunday, October 22nd

      Monday, October 23rd
      Tuesday, October 24th

      Friday, October 27th

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