Thursday, October 29, 2015

Book Recommendation: "Thankful" by Eileen Spinelli

Oh my goodness, I just discovered a wonderfully sweet new book! I came home, ordered a copy for Toddler X (yay -- it's 40% off the list price that they were selling it for at Whole Foods!), and now, of course, I'm sharing it with you -- 'cause that's what I do, right?

The book is called Thankful, by Eileen Spinelli, and though it was set up in Whole Foods' Thanksgiving section, it is definitely a beautiful any-day-of-the-year book. It's a lovely story, told in clever and pleasing rhyme, of things that various people -- a waitress, an artist, a poet, a traveler -- are thankful for. The words are accompanied by adorable artwork showing two children playing all the roles. The ending is predictable, but oh so sweet, and as I closed the book (yes, I stop and read books to Toddler X in the middle of Whole Foods), Toddler X said, "That's a perfect naptime book." He's right -- naptime, bedtime, or any time you want to remind your toddler and yourself just how much you have to be thankful for.

Anyhow, I'm gonna put this one on my "highly recommend" list, especially with Thanksgiving coming up. It's great for your own kids, but it would also be a lovely and meaningful gift, or a neat book for an extended family to read together over the holidays.

Love it, just love it.

One note: there is a short bible verse on the title page, and there's one "thankful" that says what a pastor is thankful for, but the book is not overtly religious at all. Just wanted to make sure people know that in case it would make anyone uncomfortable.

Here's an affiliate link if you'd like to know more. Happy reading!

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