Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Toddler Adventure: Open Explore at California Sports Center (Morgan Hill)

Last Wednesday, some of our Morgan Hill pals invited us to join them at a Preschool Open Explore session at California Sports Center's gym on Monterey Road, just off Dunne Avenue. From the moment I walked in, I could tell that this experience would be a hit with Toddler X, and that I'd be writing a rave review a few days later.

CSC is a large gymnastics studio that offers classes for kids of all ages, but it's their Preschool Open Explore program that was the perfect fit for us. Offered Monday through Thursday from 11 a.m. to noon, Open Explore lets kids 18 months - 5 years old have (almost) full rein over the gym's equipment, from balance beams and bars to rope swings and rings. With a fun, bouncy floor and tons of cool apparatuses to try, Toddler X hit the ground running and skipped with delight from area to area for the full hour.

The gymnastics equipment was a complete hit with Toddler X and his pals -- they couldn't get enough of the rings, the bars, the pommel horse, the various balance beams, and the trampoline.

The foam pit and the apple tree themed climbing wall above it were huge hits as well.

Just as cool were all the smaller, mobile items -- cool little rolling platforms (super fun to ride down an inclined board!), balls, hopscotch, arrows and circles to arrange and jump on, and a big roller that the kids could climb inside.

There were plenty of younger siblings there (both of our friends had their infant sisters along), and moms and little ones had plenty of space to sit on the floor and play with balls and the like. It was bustling but not packed, and there was more than enough space for everyone.

The staff is super friendly, both those at check-in and those on the floor. While staff members are available, the expectation is definitely that you supervise your own child. At the end of the play hour, they gather the kids for a goodbye song and stamps -- I was very impressed that the staff member had learned Toddler X's name, even though it was our first time there!

The facility is very clean and well-maintained, with hand sanitizer available all over the place. Kids go barefoot, parents can wear socks. 

The price for an hour of Open Explore is $7, and you don't need to be a member or be registered for classes to show up. I believe you can buy a package of 10 Open Explore passes for just $50, so if you plan to visit frequently, that becomes a great deal. 

We had a great time at CSC's Preschool Open Explore, and definitely want to check out some of the locations closer to home (I know the Malone Road gym in San Jose has a similar Open Explore on Tuesdays - Fridays at 11:15). Highly recommend!

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  1. Thanks for your post at the gym with Toddler X. It sure does look fun! I think my son (who is very similar in age to Toddler X) will also enjoy such an experience. Would like to find somewhere like this closer to San Jose to bring him to. Please let us know if you find other gyms like this.

  2. CSC offers Open Explore at four locations in San Jose. The schedule is available at http://www.calsportscenter.com/home/open-explore.shtml

    Thank you for the write up (and fantastic pics), glad to hear Toddler X had a great time!

    Christopher Brown
    CSC Director

    1. Thanks so much for sharing, Christopher! We had a blast and will definitely be back to try the other centers.

  3. CSC offers Open Explore at four San Jose locations. The schedules are available at http://www.calsportscenter.com/home/open-explore.shtml

    Thank you for the write-up (and fantastic pictures), glad to hear Toddler X had a great time!


    Christopher Brown
    CSC Director


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