Thursday, September 17, 2015

A delightful reader review of Tutu School Saratoga!

My friend Christy at Tutu School Saratoga​ just shared with me a review written by a mom who discovered Tutu School through SV Toddler (and took advantage of the special deal for SV Toddler readers of 50% off the first month of classes), and is loving her daughter's experience there. It made me positively *glow* to know that I helped connect a mom with a wonderful local business, and that a toddler is having a blast becoming a ballerina as a result -- this is definitely one of my favorite parts of "being" SV Toddler. :)

Here's what toddler mom M had to say in her review:
"After discovering Tutu School on the SV Toddler page, I signed my 20-month old up for the free trial class. It was amazing!...Tutu School has unlocked the secret of making ballet fun! They teach through stories and activities, perfect for little ones that find it hard to keep still....My little ballerina is learning far more than I thought possible for her age. And she's loving every minute of it!"
Thanks to Christy for sharing this with me -- it seriously made my day to know I played a role in this toddler's happiness! -- and to reader M for following my page and taking advantage of the offer in the SV Toddler Directory. I feel like there's this wonderful community of parents and toddlers and toddler-friendly local businesses in the South Bay, and it's so gratifying to help bring them together!

If you or your friends are considering starting your children (boys or girls!) in ballet, please give Christy a call -- Tutu School is beyond adorable, and I feel confident you'll have a great experience there. Feel free to share this post (and the SV Toddler deal) with anyone.

Happy toddling!

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