Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Toddler X's Weekend Picks: August 21st - 23rd

Yesss! The weekend is here!
Those of you who are long-time readers may remember my weekly "Weekend Picks" posts from years past (okay, last year), where I'd highlight a couple of the fun activities happening in the South Bay each Friday-Sunday. I eventually gave them up because people were coming to depend on them too much (I'd actually get testy messages from readers when I didn't post one on occasion), and if there's one thing I've realized about having a "job" for which you don't get paid, it's that you're not beholden to anyone. So rather than be stressed about a weekly post, I stopped doing them, and focused instead on sharing specific, interesting events.

But as I look at the weekend before us, jam packed with fun activities, and given the fact that I have terrible insomnia tonight (maybe I need that rabbit sleep book everyone is raving about?), I figured I'd put together a quick Weekend Picks post. Just promise me I won't receive any angry messages if I don't do another one next week...

Enjoy, and happy toddling!

Friday, August 21st

Saturday, August 22nd

Sunday, August 23rd
There you have it! The activities are plentiful and the weather is looking Bay Area perfect, so get out there and have a great weekend with your family.

Oh, and if you're planning to do some online shopping this weekend (or any time at all, actually!), please consider doing so through my affiliate link -- it helps me out at no additional cost to you. Many thanks!!

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  1. Love the list! And yes - this isn't your job, just a lovely, happy service to your readers! No long-term commitment to great posts like this expected. :)

    I just wanted to note that the Berryessa Union School District isn't back in school until Monday the 24th, so it's quite likely that the Happy Hollow library activity in Berryessa will, in fact, have older kids in attendance. Heck, sounds like something I'd love to take my bigger kids to! :) Thanks for the heads up for activities!


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