Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Super exciting news from the Duck Pond: A new playground is on the way!

Remember a couple of months ago, when I posted that I was at The Duck Pond for a very exciting meeting, and that they'd have some big news to share soon? Well, soon is HERE, and I can finally tell you the news: the Duck Pond is getting a brand new, outdoor playground, and it's gonna be awesome!

How do I know it will be awesome? Well, because Sarah, the wonderful woman behind the Duck Pond, was kind enough to invite me to be a part of the planning process! For some reason, she seemed to think I know a thing or two about playgrounds. : )

I had the great honor of joining Sarah, representatives from KaBOOM!​ and PG&E, and several other awesome, committed moms as we learned how the playground will be built (like all KaBoom playgrounds, in one super exciting build day!) and what community participation would be needed.

Then came what was seriously one of the greatest experiences of my time as SV Toddler: the KaBoom representative laid out in front of us, on table after table, sheets showing ALL KINDS of individual playground features that we could vote on. Four pages of slide options (twisty, tunnel, bumpy, side by side...you name it!)!! Six kinds of bouncy bridges!! Climbing walls and monkey bars and spinny things (that's a Toddler X term) and bubble windows and more, so much more! Every feature you could imagine, set out before me. I was like a kid in the candy store -- it was such a joy!

Dozens of pages of playground features --  Mama X heaven!
The final design is now in, and it looks fantastic. Here's the rendering:

As you can imagine, I can not wait to visit this new playground. It's going to be such an amazing addition to the Duck Pond's indoor offerings, providing additional space to even out the crowds and giving kids more physical play options.

Now here's some important stuff:

The Build Day is April 25th, and the whole idea behind this project is that the community will be involved -- and that means YOU!

While no toddlers are allowed during the build portion (for obvious reasons), they'd love to have lots of SV Toddler moms and dads out there to help with the build, and then have the rest of the family join in for the ribbon cutting ceremony at 2:30 that day. Just think...how cool would it be to watch your toddler playing on the structure in the years to come, knowing that you played a role in making it happen? (Answer: pretty cool.) To volunteer for the build or planning days, check out this link.

In addition to some volunteer parent-power, the Duck Pond is also hoping that community members will be willing to donate or lend various tools and other needs for the Build Day -- you can find info about their needs here (scan down to the bottom).

This will be a great addition to the local offerings for South Bay toddlers and their parents, and I'm so excited for Sarah and the Duck Pond that all their hard work on this endeavor is paying off. Be sure to follow the Duck Pond's Facebook page to make sure you get updates.

Check out the links above for more info. Can't wait to see you at the Pond!

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