Monday, March 2, 2015

Kids Under 6 Eat for Free at Fogo de Chao!

Awesome discovery last night! People are always asking about places where kids eat free, and I direct them to a listing ( lets you search by city and day of the week) and mention places like Sonoma Chicken Coop and Willow Street Wood-Fired Pizza. But if you're searching for something a little nicer, guess what?! Fogo de Chao at Santana Row is FREE for kids under 6! Given, the adult meals don't come cheap, but for what you get, it's quite a deal!

While I'm not sure Toddler X would do well there at age 3, with so many people moving around and big knives left and right, I think in 6 months to a year, he would LOVE it, and mom and dad could have a date night *with* toddler! 

Fogo de Chao has several features I love in a toddler-friendly restaurant -- a wide variety of food (you never know what a toddler will feel like, and it's so frustrating to order their favorite item only to discover that they hate it that night), food that's available immediately (you can walk up to the amazing salad bar the moment you arrive, and there are plenty of kid-friendly items), a general busyness/hubbub/buzz that buries toddler noises a bit, and visual excitement that might keep a toddler calm and transfixed. (If your toddler doesn't do well with crowds or lots of stimuli, though, this will not be a hit.)

If you have a special occasion coming up and don't want to get a sitter, Fogo de Chao may be worth a try!

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