Tuesday, February 24, 2015

SV Toddler's Guide to Fully-Fenced Playgrounds

"We're trapped, Toddler X!"
Talk about a post that has been on my to-do list from time immemorial! (Okay, since July 2013, but that's still a long time ago in toddler years.) People are constantly asking me for suggestions of fully-fenced playgrounds, and time and again, I answer in a Facebook post, only to have the post disappear into the un-searchable mire of my Facebook page. Well, not this time! 

Here's a blog post of all the playgrounds that we've visited that have fenced-in areas -- either a toddler area, the whole playground, or, in some cases, the whole park. Unlike a Facebook post, this list is searchable, findable, locatable...and therefore, of course, far more usable.

While keeping your toddler in a crate (a la our lab puppy) may be frowned upon, bringing your toddler to an enclosed playground is a perfectly acceptable means of containment. Hopefully this post will provide you with many days of more relaxed, sprint-free playgrounding.

Happy toddling!

  • Campbell Park (toddler area)
  • Virginia Park (whole playground)
  • Creekside Park (toddler area)
  • Franco Park (whole park)
  • Wilson Park (toddler area)
Morgan Hill
  • Nordstrom Park (toddler area)
Mountain View
  • Rengstorff Park (toddler area attached to Community Center -- limited use hours)
Palo Alto
  • Rinconada Park (toddler area)
San Jose
  • Almaden Lake Regional Park (toddler area)
  • Backesto Park (whole playground)
  • Berryessa Creek Park (whole playground)
  • Cahill Park (whole playground)
  • Frank Bramhall/Willow Park (toddler area)
  • George Page Park (toddler area)
  • Hamann Park (toddler area)
  • Hathaway Park (toddler area)
  • Hester Park (whole playground)
  • Lenzen Park (whole park)
  • Lincoln Glen Park (toddler area)
  • Oakridge Mall (whole playground)
  • River Glen Park (toddler area)
  • Rotary Playgarden (whole playground)
  • Ryland Park (toddler area)
  • Santana Row playground
  • Silver Leaf Park (toddler area)
Santa Clara

  • Riverview Park (whole park)

  • Las Palmas Park (toddler area)
  • Murphy Park (whole playground)
  • Ortega Park (toddler area)
  • Raynor Park (toddler area)
  • Serra Park (toddler area)
  • Seven Seas Park (toddler area)
  • Washington Park (toddler area)

Though I've visited over 100 parks, my list is not by any means exhaustive, so if you know of any playgrounds that are fenced, in whole or in part, please message me (ideally with a picture) and I will add them to the list.

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  1. Thanks for this list!! Pardee Park in Palo Alto also has a fully gated toddler section and older kids section (separate areas, both gated)


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