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Featured Business: Tutu School (Saratoga and Redwood City)

Originally published in February 2015

As you can imagine, maintaining the SV Toddler blog and Facebook page takes a lot of work, and I am extremely grateful to our sponsors for their support. It’s my pleasure now to introduce one of them to you. Readers, meet Tutu School, opening next week in the Saratoga Village!

Tutu School is an absolutely charming ballet school for children 18 months to 8 years of age, with a location in Redwood City and, as of February 16th, one in the Saratoga Village (right next door to another SV Toddler favorite, Whimsy – how convenient!). The school’s founding principle gives you your first glimpse of the magical experience that awaits your child there:
The founding principle of Tutu School is that every child should know what it feels like to dance to the strains of Tchaikovsky and Bach. That motor skill development is infinitely enhanced by moving like a bunny rabbit, a dolphin, or a horse, and that young imaginations benefit immensely from exploring the enchanted worlds of swans and sugarplums, or firebirds and fairies.
Does Tutu School deliver on that promise? Take a look at the glowing Yelp reviews and judge for yourself. Of the nine reviews of the existing Redwood City location (all 5 stars), seven include the word “love” (with lots of exclamation points!) and the two that opt for more varied words choose “magical”, “darling” and “Highly recommend!”. They talk of a studio that “is a masterpiece – brand new, lots of attention to detail, and a perfect setup for this kind of classes,” and rave about teachers that are “high energy, lots of fun”, “kind and patient.” 

But the clearest theme in the reviews is the parents’ delight with how their children are being taught: skills are taught “in an accessible, fun, imaginative form”, “perfectly tailored to the abilities of our child’s age”, and presented in a way that “makes it so much fun for the kids to learn.” (Note: The foregoing are quotes from Yelp reviews of Tutu School’s existing site in Redwood City, run by the same owner under the same philosophy. Once the Saratoga location opens, no doubt the rave reviews will follow Tutu School to the South Bay!)

One thing is clear: Tutu School teaches ballet fundamentals in a manner that cherishes, rather than stifles, the natural creativity and exuberance of young children – the type of early exposure that builds confidence and encourages children to pursue dance well beyond the preschool years. I’m delighted that owner Christy is opening a location in Saratoga, and I’m proud to have Tutu School as a sponsor of SV Toddler!

So, how do you sign your child up for this wonderful experience? Take a look at Tutu School’s Class Divisions – from Tutu Toddlers for ages 18 to 24 months or 24 months to 3 years, to Exploring Ballet for 3 year-olds, 4 year-olds and beyond – then check out the Class Schedule, with offerings six days a week (closed on Fridays), and both morning and afternoon classes. Once you’ve figured out the classes that work for your schedule, you can register online or call Christy, the owner (she’s wonderful, and will be happy to help you!) for more information. If you’d like to schedule a trial class for free, you can also do that via the online registration form. (Note that these links are for the Saratoga location -- for the Redwood City location, click here.)

And good news! As a special deal for SV Toddler readers, Tutu School is offering 50% off your first month of classes (a $48 value) if you use the code “SVT” where it says “How did you learn about Tutu School?” Sweet!

One final note: Toddler X loves to dance as much as any toddler, so of course I had to ask Christy if boys are welcome as well. Her answer: a resounding “yes!” Tutu School even has an explanation on its website – “Music and movement are gifts to be shared with all children, not just girls.” We hope to see you and your toddler – boy or girl – there!

Tutu School’s Saratoga location can be found at 14510 Big Basin Way, Suite 2 in the Saratoga Village. You can reach them by phone (408-741-7058) or email ( Classes start on February 16th.

Happy twirling!

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