Saturday, January 10, 2015

Upcoming Toddler Fun: Billy Beez at Oakridge Mall

Oh. My. Goodness. As any of our pals knows (particularly Toddler S, our Westfield Oakridge partner in crime), this mall is Toddler X's favorite rainy day outing. He asks to go to the super toddler-friendly arcade at least once a week, and loves the soft play area and toddler potties in the bathrooms.

Well, now it looks like Toddler X heaven is getting even heavenlier! Look at what we just spotted at the entrance near the kids' area -- "Coming Soon" signs for Billy Beez indoor place space, apparently a bee-themed version of Safari Run (incidentally, another Toddler X fav). The sign says it's opening in Spring 2015.

Will Oakridge be the greatest toddler mall ever with this addition? You decide.

Happy toddling!

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