Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Travel Potty Recommendation: Cool Gear International Travel Potty

Couldn't have done potty training
without this thing!
Hey all! Reader Iris asked for the name of the travel potty I recommended a couple of months ago, and since I've had two other readers ask for it in the past, I decided to just post it here.

We absolutely LOVE the Cool Gear International Travel Potty, and it was definitely a big part of our potty training success. We've used it everywhere, from playgrounds to theme parks to the side of the road on road trips, set up in the back of our SUV. (I actually joked to Mr. X that I should start a separate blog called "Places Toddler X has Pooped", but I'm pretty sure that one would embarrass him pretty badly down the line.) Even today, with Toddler X comfortable in public restrooms, I keep it in our car at all times -- sometimes restrooms aren't clean or sometimes we're somewhere without a restroom (like so many of our favorite playgrounds), and it's come in handy time and time again.

It's a stand-alone potty, not just a cover for a seat, so you can use it anywhere. It folds into a small briefcase shape that Toddler X can carry on his own (we joke about him carrying his business files around), and has two little pockets on the sides -- we keep wipes in one, and the little garbage bags for the potty in the other. The legs fold out, and you put in a small garbage bag under the seat (we just use the small trash can size Glad bags, and tie them off at the top before throwing in the trash). It's got a little raised area at the front to address boy pee issues, but it's not as effective as the potty seat you have at home, so be aware of that.

But yeah, this thing is a lifesaver. Can't recommend it highly enough.

EDIT: After I posted this in January, I heard from many readers that they, too, love the Cool Gear Travel Potty, but I heard from even more readers that they couldn't live without the Kalencom 2-in-1 Potette Plus. Both have great reviews, and you can't go wrong with either of the products. Here's are links for the Kalencom and its liners if you're interested.


Happy pottying!

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