Thursday, January 8, 2015

Toddler News: Green Toys vehicles return to the play area at Whole Foods Market on Blossom Hill


Exciting news (if you're two): the Green Toys vehicles have returned to the play area at Whole Foods Market Blossom Hill, and they're better than ever! No more basic dump trucks -- now they have the newer items, like trains (I counted four), rockets, the tractor and the cute new animal-shaped push-alongs, perfect for babies' and young toddlers' little hands. And with such a vehicular bounty, what does Toddler X want to play with? Yep, you guessed it -- the blocks that have been there all along. :)

(In other news, the big Whole Foods calendar on the wall indicates that today is National English Toffee Day -- so excuse me while I go celebrate!)

Happy toddling!

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