Saturday, January 10, 2015

Playground Report: Edenvale Garden Park (South San Jose)

Why, hello toddler friends! Please allow me to introduce one of the X family's new favorite parks: Edenvale Garden Park, next door to the Hayes Mansion in South SJ. Our friends brought us here on New Year's Eve, and we returned this morning to confirm our original impression: this place is awesome. Delightful multi-structure playground, fun train theme, perfectly smooth paths for scooters or bikes (no skates or skateboards allowed), gorgeous trees, convenient bathrooms and lots more. Parking can be confusing, as one or both of the entrances to the park's lot were blocked during both of our visits, but if you enter through the Hayes Mansion driveway, you can turn right into the parking lot for the park.

If you're searching for a park this weekend, I guarantee you won't be disappointed with this one.

Happy toddling!

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