Sunday, January 4, 2015

Best Toys for Whole Family Play: Gathering Suggestions

Mr. X was just laughing about my fascination with the kinetic sand Toddler X got for Christmas (seriously, that stuff is too cool -- I can't stop playing with it!), and I shot back that I noticed how he rebuilt that tower of SmartMax blocks every night after Toddler X went to bed (he was "just cleaning them up", he says).

At first I felt a little ridiculous about how much we enjoy these (and some of Toddler X's other toys), but then it struck me that play is something that's great for brains of *all* ages, and that having toys that adults love playing with means that parents are more likely to play with their kids. And yep, that bears out in our family -- we have great toys, and we spend a LOT of time playing on the floor together.

So tell me -- what toys or games do you have that you enjoy as much as your kids do? What toys do you start to put away at night and then end up building with? What toys make you want to get down on the floor with your toddler and really *play*?

For us, it's Tegu blocks, SmartMax building sets, Toddler X's new fire station/police station "dollhouse", Thomas Wooden Railway trains and tracks, the Hape Switchback Racetrack and puzzles, lots of puzzles. Oh yeah, and the kinetic sand. Love that stuff.

Tell me your favorites, and I'll add a category to my Top Toy List for "Best Toys for Whole Family Play".

Happy playing!

** This was originally a Facebook post, and received dozens of replies. To view the post and reader responses, click here.

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