Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Popular Past Facebook Posts -- Finally Searchable!

One of the most wonderful things about the huge Silicon Valley Toddler Facebook community is the ability of thousands of readers to offer advice and insights to each other. While I know a lot about toddler adventures and activities in the South Bay, there are many topics on which my readers' collective knowledge and expertise far exceeds mine.

Unfortunately, though, Facebook doesn't make pages like Silicon Valley Toddler searchable, so as soon as posts (and their various responses) are off the front page of the wall, they get very hard to find. People are constantly messaging me, saying "I loved the post on _____ -- where can I find it?" And unfortunately, my answer is usually "I don't know."

Well, the answer is here. While Facebook pages aren't searchable, the blog is. If I create a blog post with links to my popular Facebook posts and their responses, and include some key words as to the topic, readers will be able to easily search past Facebook posts simply by searching the blog using the "Search SV Toddler" function in the right sidebar. Problem solved!

Creating this searchable blog post and posting links to future Facebook discussions is easy, but going back to link to past Facebook posts is a much harder and more tedious process (searching for them is no easier for me than it is for you), so I'll do it in stages over the months to come. But at least I'm laying the groundwork for searchable future Facebook posts, and hopefully it will be very helpful to my readers in the months and years to come.

Happy toddling!

(Parentheses reflect key words in the post. Search by word or phrase in quotations -- search feature is to the right.)

November 2014

I'll keep working backwards to get previous posts up. Hope this is helpful!

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