Friday, September 12, 2014

Best Toddler Playgrounds in the South Bay (All ages)

Just a hint of the wonders at Seven Seas...
Best All-Around

These gems were MADE for toddlers, with features galore, toddler-friendly designs, and an atmosphere that feels safe and welcoming to kiddos and parents alike. If you're choosing a new park to visit, give these places a try.

  1. Seven Seas Park (Sunnyvale) (By far the best park in the South Bay except for the lousy parking situation.)
  2. Alvarez Park (Santa Clara) (Biggest and most feature-rich toddler structure.)
  3. Greystone Park (San Jose -- Almaden) (Great toddler area and lots of shade.)
  4. Houge Park (San Jose -- Cambrian) (Two toddler structures of varying heights, great morning shade and five baby swings!)
  5. Cuesta Park (Mountain View) (Fantastic toddler structure, huge sand area, big, rolling lawns, and lots of shade)
  6. Willow/Frank Bramhall Park (San Jose --Willow Glen) (Fully fenced, large, feature-rich toddler structure.)
  7. Lincoln Glen Park (San Jose -- Willow Glen) (Great design, great features. All around A+, especially for younger toddlers.)
  8. War Memorial Playground (Santa Clara) (Great design and theme.)
  9. Kevin Moran Park (Saratoga) (Nice toddler play structure in very pleasant setting.)
  10. Belgatos Park (Los Gatos) (Fun structures, beautiful setting.)
  11. River Glen Park (San Jose -- Willow Glen)(Fully fenced, roller slide, sand area)
  12. Jack Fischer Park (Campbell) (Our favorite water/sand combo area -- perfect for getting dirty and wet!)
  13. Calabazas Park (San Jose -- West) (Fantastic play structures, including accessible big kid structure, and several unique features)
  14. Ramac Park (San Jose -- Santa Teresa)(Great toddler play structure, large lawns for running)
  15. Cahalan Park (San Jose -- Blossom Valley) (Three toddler structures of varying heights.)
  16. Shoup Park (Los Altos) (Great all-around park, with nice shade over the sand area.)
  17. Serra Park (Sunnyvale) (Fenced toddler area with fun structure, amazing big kid structure, fun water feature)
  18. Lenzen Park (San Jose -- Downtown) (Fenced, two toddler-friendly structures, including a fun train)
  19. Lone Hill Park (San Jose -- Cambrian) (Fun toddler structure and great lawns and natural areas)
  20. Portal Park (Cupertino) (Pleasant toddler area with shade, two other structures for big kids.)
  21. Diana Park (Morgan Hill) (Great toddler structure, lots of nice lawn areas for burning energy.)
Please note that these reviews are based on my observations or experiences on the day(s) I visited the park in question, with my own particular toddler. Park conditions can change, the clientele may vary day to day, and things that are safe and fun for one child may not be for another. I do not vouch for the safety or security of any of the parks or playgrounds listed here, and I recommend that you use your own best judgment when determining whether to visit or stay at a park, and whether that park is appropriate for your toddler.


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