Monday, August 11, 2014

Playground Review: Wilson Park (Cupertino)

I love returning to the playgrounds of my childhood! My own toddler years were spent just a few blocks away from Wilson Park in Cupertino, but I haven't been back in over 30 years. We decided to check it out with Toddler X on Sunday morning, and I'm so glad we did!

With a completely different set-up than most parks, Wilson was a fun and refreshing change for all of us. The fenced-in toddler/preschooler area made for lots of fun, and the very cool big-kid structure, though not entirely toddler-friendly, was a great way to round out the visit.

Here are the details:

  • A very pleasant park in a nice Cupertino neighborhood, with a fenced-in toddler/preschooler area, a separate big kid structure, large lawns, picnic tables and bbqs, and playing fields.
  • Toddler area is large, cool and unique. Within the fully-fenced section are three slides built into hills (one artificial hill, and one natural), a fantastic sand area with some of the best sand-play features I've seen (one of them would even qualify as a sand play structure, with platforms and features of its own -- very cool!), two baby swings and two big kid swings, two fun spring toys, a little path and benches for parents. The tunnel slide built into the hill was a huge hit with all the kids present.
  • Toddler area ground surface is part squishy/rubberized stuff (but also part tanbark -- definitely a "con").
  • Some shade in toddler area, some on fields (none on big kid area).
  • Big kid structure, located a good distance away across a lawn, has some very cool features, including a hanging "tunnel" of sorts and a fun thing to hold onto and spin, as well as fun climbing options and one slide.
  • Clean restrooms (they're located over next to the sports fields -- from toddler area, pass the "Ceramics House" to find them).
  • Street parking close to toddler area.
  • Friendly clientele.
  • Sand area in toddler section was not as clean as it could've been -- there was a bit of trash, thought not enough to negate its cool features.
  • There's no actual play structure in the toddler area (though there's enough cool stuff to make it plenty entertaining).
  • Not much shade over the play areas -- the big kid area has none.
  • Big kid structure has some chest and head-high potential fall spots.
  • Tanbark under part of the toddler area and all of the big kid area.
Overall, this playground was a big hit with Toddler X, and we will definitely be back. It's worth noting, though, that Wilson is probably less than a mile away from Portal Park (in fact, they're technically on the same street), and Portal is a great spot too, with ample shade, three structures, and two hill slides of its own. If you live nearby or are in the area a lot, definitely try both of them, but if you're just passing through and are looking for a one-time park, I'd probably choose Portal. (Click here for my Portal Park review.)

Happy toddling!

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