Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Playground Review: Silver Creek Linear Park (San Jose)

Stop one of our visit to the parks of the Evergreen/Silver Creek area today was Silver Creek Linear Park on Yerba Buena. (Be sure to turn into the entrance with the play structures -- an earlier entrance, bearing the same park name, doesn't access the play area. The Google Maps link above should take you to the exact place.) While the toddler play structure was nice and the foothill setting was pleasant, the big selling point (to me, at least) was the nearby creek, and the big drawback was the crowd that happened to be there during our visit.

Here's the scoop:


  • Nice, modern toddler structure (two photos above), chest high at its highest, with a tunnel and two slides (one a side-by-side). Only one chest-high opening (a ladder) that could pose problems for younger toddlers. 
  • Big kid structure, separated by a short distance, is half toddler-appropriate, half not (two pictures below).

  •  Convenient parking in lot, bathrooms, shaded picnic tables. 
  • Pretty setting in the foothills, particularly nice when recent rains have left the hills green. 
  • Highlight of the park: a lovely creek, perfect for toddler wading and splashing on a hot day, with a shady flat area alongside that would be delightful for picnics. 
  • To get there, follow this arrow... this path, directly accessible from the playground area. The creek is just a short walk down the hill.


  • Not fenced.
  • Tanbark.
  • No swings. 
  •  Peacefulness of foothill setting is disturbed by cars rushing by on busy Yerba Buena road. 
  • The other visitors to the park at the time we were there made for a slightly uncomfortable experience. This obviously can change with each visit, so I wouldn't avoid the park on this account.
  • No shade on playground. 
This park is a nice enough one for people who live nearby -- the toddler structure is clean, modern and entertaining -- but I wouldn't drive any great distance for the playground itself. BUT I would drive down here for a picnic and play in the great creek area, and having the playground at the top of the hill would just be an added bonus.

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