Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Playground Review: Evergreen Park

The second stop on today's tour of the Evergreen-area parks was -- you guessed it -- Evergreen Park.

Although it's a very nice park in general, Evergreen isn't the most toddler-friendly park in the world, and not even the most toddler-friendly we visited today. Both of the other parks I've visited in the area -- Fowler Creek Park and Silver Creek Linear Park -- are better suited to the toddling set, so if you're looking for a playground in this area with a child under 4, I'd head to one of those. 

Here's the scoop on Evergreen: 


  • Pleasant setting in the foothills (particularly when the foothills are green from recent rains). 
  • Big lawns, picnic tables, bathrooms, and apparently a creek through the trees.
  • Lots of features on the play structure (tic tac toe, telescope, bridge, etc.), several of which are toddler-accessible (either ground level on the structure or on the lower raised level).
  • Street parking somewhat close to the play area. 
  • Uncrowded.


  • There is only one structure, and it's marked for ages 5-12. While I've seen some 5-12 structures that are pretty toddler-friendly, this one is definitely not a great one for young toddlers, and can still be pretty hairy for older toddlers. There are a couple of high (like, above head-level) drop areas and wide spaces in the railings along the sides and the bridge.
  • There is no baby swing, just a big kid swing and a plastic swing with no harness. 
  • Tanbark. 
  • No shade on the playground.
  • Not fenced. 
If you have an older toddler who does well on "big kid" structures, this might be a nice park to visit, but for most toddler families, I'd recommend hitting one of the nearby parks with a toddler structure, and waiting a few years to try Evergreen. 

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