Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Playground Review: Beauchamps Park (Saratoga)

It had been years -- well before Toddler X came on the scene -- since I visited Beauchamps Park in Saratoga, and I'm so happy to have rediscovered this hidden gem! Though this small "neighborhood park" has a few drawbacks -- primarily, no bathrooms -- it has a darling train structure, a very pleasant setting, and everything you need to make a toddler happy.

Here's the scoop:

  • Very pleasant setting in a nice neighborhood in the Saratoga foothills. Clean and well-maintained.
  • An adorable multi-car train structure just perfect for toddlers, with little seats and tables in the various cars and doorways/tunnels so you can crawl from one to another.
  • A cute little playhouse built in the same style as the train, with windows and seats for pretend play.
  • Spring toys, including a spring teeter-totter, are also cute and built in the same style.
  • A basic but functional play structure -- not the newest or most exciting, but with two good slides and well-enclosed for toddler safety.
  • One big kid swing and one baby swing.
  • Picnic tables, a tennis court, a basketball hoop, and a large, well-manicured grass field round out the park.
  • No crowds.
  • Easy street parking on Crayside Lane.
  • Not fenced (though the bordering streets aren't busy, so not a huge drawback).
  • Ground covering is tanbark (with a small sand area).
  • No bathrooms.
  • Not much shade on the playground itself.
  • There is only one play area, not separate areas for toddlers and older kids. However, the park is generally so uncrowded that you're not likely to run into older kids anyway, so not a huge drawback either. 
This is a great spot for peaceful, uncrowded adventuring and for pretend play with the train and playhouse. Enjoy!

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