Monday, April 21, 2014

George Page Park (San Jose/Santa Teresa)

Fenced (but locked/closed for repair) toddler area
I discovered George Page Park the way I discover many parks: identify an area in which I need to do errands, then pull up a Google satellite map and look for the nearest splotch of green. I've had some hits and some misses using that method, and George Page falls toward the "miss" end of the spectrum. 

We had a great time and spent over an hour there, but only because we met friends and had balls, bubbles and lots of  rounds of "ring around the rosie" to entertain us -- the park itself is "meh" at best, and definitely not a destination I'd put high on my list.

  • Fully-fenced toddler playground that looks fun (a tunnel and three slides) and very appropriate for younger toddlers, BUT -- and this is a big but! -- the whole section is currently closed, apparently for repairs, so it's not much of a "pro" at the moment. No indication of when it will re-open.
  • Medium-sized "big kid" play structure is modern and reasonably nice, with two slides and several fun features. We were comfortable letting our 27 month old toddlers play on the structure without close supervision, but definitely would not have let a 15 or 18 month old do so due to three chest high or higher potential fall areas.
  • Large field, including baseball diamond, pristine tennis court, and picnic tables with bbqs round out the park's offerings.
  • Playground area is pleasantly set on quiet street of nice houses (though busy Santa Teresa runs by the far side of the baseball diamond)
  • Completely uncrowded.
  • Easy street parking convenient to playground.

  • No bathrooms -- just one port-a-potty on the far side of the tennis court.
  • No swings.
  • Toddler playground is closed.
  • "Big kid" playground -- the only one available, as the fenced toddler area is closed -- is located pretty close to the street (though the street is very quiet, so not a big con), and has three chest high (or higher) openings that could concern parents of younger toddlers.
  • Ground covering is tanbark.
  • No shade on most of playground (though it appears that toddler area might get some in the late afternoon).

Overall, though we had a nice time with our friends, we definitely won't be going back to George Page Park -- if we're in the area and need a playground, we'll head to Ramac Park, just a few miles away, and I suggest that you do too.


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