Monday, March 31, 2014

Playground Review: Diana Park (Morgan Hill)

Diana Park was our second stop on today's Tour de Morgan Hill, and it was a hit with the whole family. While the park does have a few negatives, the playground is a great spot for toddlers and the park as a whole is really nice and woodsy, despite being set in the middle of a neighborhood. Here's the scoop:

  • Great toddler structure (two pictures above) -- Toddler X absolutely loved it. Medium in size, waist to chest high at its highest, with fun tunnels, windows, slides and more. Separated by a good distance from big kid structure.
  • Fun spring teeter-totter with room for four kids, two big kid and two baby swings, a balance beam, and a really cool but not toddler-friendly big kid structure (pictured below).
  • Setting is really pleasant and peaceful -- lots of old trees, a path, and a large grassy area, set in the midst of a nice neighborhood. Benches and picnic tables are available.
  • Though there were a few dog walkers about, we had the playground all to ourselves on a Sunday afternoon.
  • Easy street parking right in front of the playground.
  • No bathrooms. (My friend swears this isn't true, and that the building in the center of the park houses bathrooms, but I specifically looked for them and only saw a utility building. If you find otherwise, let me know.)
  • Tanbark -- hate it.
  • Playground is not fenced (though park as a whole generally is, with two openings at the street entrances).
  • Big kid structure is not toddler-friendly, with lots of high openings -- but toddler structure should be enough to hold a toddler's attention.
  • Despite all the trees, no real shade on playground area.
  • The sand in the small sand area had an unpleasant texture.
Overall, we really liked this park -- both playing on the playground, and then going for a "squirrel safari" around the perimeter path. If you live in Morgan Hill or visit, I definitely recommend checking this one out. The lack of bathrooms is unfortunate, but the pleasant setting and fun toddler play structure make it worth your while.

Happy toddling!

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