Friday, November 15, 2013

Kidkraft Kitchen on Sale!

Hey friends -- As I was putting together the toddler gift guide, I went to Amazon to get the link for the KidKraft Vintage Kitchen, which has been recommended by no less that 4 people (and which Toddler X loves at his buddy Toddler S.'s house -- see picture above), and discovered that all five colors of the kitchen are on sale.

I'm not sure how long the sales will last or if they will ever go down more, but if this is something you're considering for the holidays, you may want to jump on it now. All come with free shipping. Here are the links:


There is also a darker pink option (called "medium pink"), but for some reason I can't form the link. Click to the product page for the pink one above, and then you can select the other color.

Hope this is helpful! If you do choose to buy (or ask grandparents to), please consider doing so through these links, as it will benefit SV Toddler and the two charities to which I will donate 20% of any affiliate fees I receive.

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