Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Green Toys are on sale!

And if you order via the Amazon search bar to your right (just search "Green Toys"), that would be wonderful!Anyone who plays at our house knows that we are obsessed with Green Toys, the Bay Area-based company whose toys -- vehicles, stackers, and lots of pretend play items -- are eco-friendly (makes parents feel good!), absolutely adorable (high on my checklist -- we don't have storage space, so all our toys are out in the open and must be attractive), well-made and sturdy (key when your toddler insists on pushing them off shelves and tables as a form of play), and -- the only thing that matters in a toddler's mind -- lots and lots of fun.

A few of our favorites. And no, this is not staged --  they're so cute that
you can store them in plain sight in your living room (and we do).

We have seven Green Toys items right now, and having noticed that Toddler X loved playing with the Green Toys recycler on Monday at Bumble, I decided to get on Amazon during nap to do some early Christmas shopping. What I discovered was that the recycler and a WHOLE BUNCH of other Green Toys items are on sale right now.

Several -- including the school bus (my favorite), the flatbed truck/car transporter (which Toddler X adores), and both colors of dump truck -- are $10 off. A bunch of others, including the tool set (on our Christmas list), rocket ship (our most recent Green Toys purchase -- super fun!), tea set (so cute!), recycler (what I was looking for in the first place), and fire truck (one of our first Green Toys trucks, and still a favorite), are $5+ off, and several more are a couple of dollars off. All qualify for free shipping if you spend over $35 (or obviously if you have Prime).

Because many of these are included on my "Toddler X's Favorite Things" list, and are going to be included on my big Toddler Gift Ideas list, I wanted to give you a heads up. If I'm going to recommend them to you at some point, I'd rather do it when you're going to get a discount! 

The ones we have, and love, are the school bus, the car transporter, the fire engine, the airplane, the rocket ship, the submarine, and the round stackers. Toddler X literally plays with each of the vehicles (including the submarine -- we wouldn't consider doing bath time without it), and I can recommend them all highly. My personal favorites, if you don't have any Green Toys and are looking to start a collection, are the school bus, the fire engine and the rocket. But they are all really, really great.

The ones Toddler X will probably be getting from Christmas -- some from us, some from relatives -- are the tractor, the toolset and the recycler, and maybe a few others. Seriously, if he got nothing but Green Toys items for Christmas, I would be a happy mama.

If you are debating between any of the ones I already have, let me know and I'll give you my thoughts. No matter which you get, I know you (and your toddler) will LOVE it.

And yes, if you plan to order these (or anything else!), I would very much appreciate it if you did it through the links in the slideshow below (just click on the slideshow to enter Amazon), or through the search bar in the right margin (just search "Green Toys"). Thanks so much for your support of SV Toddler!



  1. Can't get links for some reason on my lappy.

    1. Hmm...are you seeing the slide shows, or are they not showing up at all?

  2. Same problem. :/ No slideshows, just two XX at the top and bottom of the post.

  3. I tried it in Firefox instead of Chrome and the slideshow worked. Weird! Love the rocket :)

  4. I think it's a browser issue -- it seems to work in Explorer. Sorry for the hassle, and thanks for trying! I moved the Amazon search bar up to the top right-hand margin, and if you just search "Green Toys", it will bring you to the same page as my link would have. :)


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