Monday, September 30, 2013

Playground Review: Brookglen Park (Saratoga)

Time for a toddler Tour de Saratoga! Up first: Brookglen Park, tucked in at the end of Brookglen Court, a few turns off of Cox. Truly hidden and kind of a gem, but probably not on a hot day. Here's the scoop:

  • Very pleasant setting at the end of a cul-de-sac, tucked in against Saratoga Creek and surrounded by trees.
  • Well-maintained structures, with a lawn, a somewhat unimpressive sandbox, two baby swings and two "big kid" swings.
  • A nice, modern toddler play structure with two good slides, and a medium-height big kid structure.
  • Absolutely empty on a Friday morning, but not creepy because the location feels safe and secure.
  • Easy street parking right next to the playground.


  • Not fenced (though not a huge concern because of the isolated location) and no bathrooms.
  • The toddler play structure is of the higher variety (perhaps shoulder height at its highest), with a few openings that might concern parents of adventurous toddlers and not many special features. 
  • Play structures get DIRECT sunlight and get very hot -- there's even a warning sign. Not a problem on a cool or cloudy day, but when it's 85 degrees, a toddler could get scalded.
  • Ground surface is tanbark -- not my favorite.  
Overall, a very pleasant playground in a pretty setting, perfect for a cool or overcast day. It would be nice for a toddler play date or picnic during school hours, as you'd almost certainly have the place to yourself. Definitely not a "destination playground," though, because of the minimal features and lack of bathrooms. 

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