Monday, August 26, 2013

Here comes Fall!

Good news, toddlers -- fall is on the way!

While summer was great, fall means that all the big kids are back in school, playgrounds and attractions are less crowded, and fun seasonal activities abound.

Fall Toddler Activities

Here are a couple of upcoming activities and events that Toddler X thinks sound really cool (these require advance registration and a fee):
I'll do a separate post with other great harvest/Halloween festivals in the area, but since several of these require advance registration and may sell out, I wanted to notify you early.

Library Story Times

Fall is also when library story times, many of which paused for summer breaks, resume with gusto. (I added almost 100 (!!) to the SV Toddler calendar over the weekend).
  • There are dozens of toddler, preschool and family story time options beginning September 3 in the branches of the San Jose Public Library system (
  • Los Gatos Library Story Times start again this week ( 
  • The Santa Clara County Library System (here's the kids' events calendar) continues its wide array of story times at its many branch libraries (e.g., Saratoga, Cupertino, Morgan Hill, Campbell and several others), with a few changes, so be sure to check the calendar before you show up for the story time you've been enjoying all summer.

Fall does have a few negatives -- the closing of playground water features (most turn off altogether in the winter -- I'll pull together details soon), less outdoor time in the evening for the working parents, and shorter hours at some of our favorite attractions.

Reduced Hours

Happy Hollow and the Children's Discovery Museum have reduced hours and some scheduled closures during the fall and winter. CDM is closed Mondays starting September 9 and is closed the whole last week of September (see hours here), and Happy Hollow closes for a good portion of November and December (see hours here).


Those are just a few things to get you started with your fall planning, toddlers! Now get out there and enjoy the last warm days of summer. And when it comes to Halloween, relax -- there's no way mom would dress you as a pumpkin two years in a row...would she?

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